Chris Blunden ACE


Chris Blunden discovered his love of movies and of film editing from his father, Bill Blunden, who was an Emmy award winning editor. He made his first film splice when he was only 6 years old.

 Chris followed in his father’s footstep and started his career editing documentaries for the BBC.

 He was soon offered an opportunity to work on feature films and worked as an assistant editor, visual effects editor and sound editor on many films.

 He graduated to full editor on Michael Tuchner’s “Wilt”. During the making of “Wilt” Chris met Mel Smith, Chris went on to work with Mel for many years, notably on “Bean” which was hugely successful worldwide.

 Chris has continued editing feature films both in the UK and worldwide.

 He has worked in Europe, the USA and China.

 Chris has edited some 30 feature films and 10 Television series.

 His dedication to the craft of film editing is widely recognised and applauded. Chris was invited to become a member of the hugely respected American Cinema Editors, ACE, in 2010.

 Chris lives in London and Gloucestershire with his wife Tania, who is a Post Production Supervisor. When not editing he keenly pursues his other passions for wildlife conservation and gardening.